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Bell Face-Hand Hammers with Nail Puller Fibreglass Handle
Socket & Spud End Ratchet Wrenches, Construction Wrenches(Double Head)
Cabin Fans, Type: Table, Wall, 110V, 220V
Brand Name: NESTO
Model Number: NT-50

1. Motor and shaft made from Japan.
2. Similar quality as Kobe Cleaner and all same compatible parts and accessories.

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IMPA CODE: 590463, MODEL: JS-24
Electric Rice Cookers/steamers
IMPA CODE: 174604, 174614, 174606, 174616
1.8L, 5.6L 110V 60Hz, 220V 50~60Hz
Induction Cooker
110V 60Hz, 220V 50~60Hz, 1200W~1800W
IMPA CODE:331159,331160
Safety Work Shoes
IMPA CODE: 190311---190324
Made from cow hide and has a non slip anti-oil rubber sole with deep crepe tread. Available with steel toe.