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Point of advantage
1. Cr-Mo Alloy steel
2. Fully forged
3. Sharp edge and levelling rim.
4. Special heat treatment for long-last cutting.
5. Similar quality as Germany ...
611201 35-105MM 270MM
611202 95-165MM 370MM
Hatch Cover Tapes
IMPA CODE: 232445-------232466
Safety Work Shoes
IMPA CODE: 190311---190324
Made from cow hide and has a non slip anti-oil rubber sole with deep crepe tread. Available with steel toe.
IMPA CODE: 330950
Flameproof blanket can envelope a worker from head to foot to extinguish burning clothes. Should be located in any fire-hazard area to provide instant ...
Electric Washing Machines(Full Automatic)
IMPA CODE: 174706, 174707
110V 60Hz, 220V 50~60Hz
IMPA CODE: 232286----232289
Made of brass and rouned into a rim to serve as reinforcement for rope holes in canvas or tarpaulin. When ordering, please specify the number ...
MPA CODE: 331101, 331102
Safety belt with lifeline & hook
Sail Makers Leather Palms
IMPA CODE: 232261, 232262
Designed for repair work of canvas and similar clothes in connection with sail needles. Hide mounted. Furnished for righthand ...
Ear Plugs
IMPA CODE: 331156------331158
Silicon Rubber and Self-fit Foam
Rain Suits Yellow With Hood
IMPA CODE: 190436------190439
IMPA CODE: 331124, 331125, 331127
Slotted V-Gard Safety Helmets
IMPA CODE: 331162-----331164
Electric Pressing Irons, 110V, 220V, Steam/Dry
Grommet Dies
IMPA CODE: 232281------232284
Drop forged steel made for inserting sheet brass washer and teeth grommets. When ordering, specify the number and size as listed below ...
Polypropylene Rope Cargo Net Slings
IMPA CODE: 232151, 232152
Can be made to desired specifications. Some common sizes are listed below.